Production and Distribution of any kind of a film, series or video involves a long and tedious process that starts with Pre-Production, goes through the process of Production and ends with the end task of Post- Production. We at EGP ensure that your idea or thought reaches the target audience exactly the way you imagined it. Our Production Company that comprises of a team of talented Film Production Unit will help you out through the chain of Film Production process.


ULKA (Assamese: উল্কা) is an upcoming Assamese drama movie based on a piece of fiction which has relevance to a real life incident. Directed by Pranab Vivek and produced by Bhaskar Upadhyaya, the entire movie is being made keeping in mind of the need for introducing satirical comedy in today’s new age Assamese film industry especially admired by youths. Prominent Bollywood singer and heartthrob of the region Angaraag Papon Mahanta has sung the theme song of Ulka which has been penned by Ibson Lal Baruah. 


Tez, directed by Bhaskar Upadhyaya and Prabhat Goswami, is based on the theme of a father who abandons his newborn girl child because he had wanted a boy. The father associates the birth of a girl with unending responsibilities and liabilities. However, the world turns upside down for the father when he has his moment of realization.   Tez stars Prastuti Parashar, Angurlata Deka and Giridhar Roy and Tarali Sarma, the music director of the film.


Touching Lives. Giving Hope. It is a hope for the destiny, a hope for the abundant, a hope for the homeless, a hope “SENEH”. An Audio-Visual Documentary on Seneh, directed by Bhaskar Upadhyaya established under the aegis of Bhabhada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust, Seneh is an NGO based in Guwahati, Assam.


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