Popular TV Advertisement Of All Time

Popular TV Advertisement Of All Time

Well, how many of you hate when a commercial break comes up in between your favorite show. Of course, most of us are of the same category. But there is some tv advertisement which has been made with such a good sense of humor and creativity that it feels good to see such advertisements again and again. Now, let’s scroll down to know more about some of the popular tv advertisements.

Dhara Ad

Dhara is one of the most popular tv advertisement of that time which was starred by Parzan Dastur. This is one of the favorite ad of many kids and young peoples. It was so ambrosially the little boy pronounced “jaleebbiii’ is super cute. Many people on youtube still see this advertisement.

Cadbury Chocolate

All commercials of Cadbury chocolates are very innovative and attractive. It is one of the most popular tv advertisement till date. The themes used in the ad are beautiful. Expressions used in the ad brings water to the audience mouth.

Bajaj Scooter

Bajaj scooter is one of the oldest commercials of Indian television. During that time television was a luxury item, it was tough to make tv advertisements, but still, Bajaj Scooter advertisement was portrayed so beautifully that it became a favorite advertisement for many. Do you still remember the jingle used in the ad?


The Indian television telecasted this advertisement so much that the jingle is heard to be sung by every Indian citizen and even seen as ringtones of many users. Amitabh Bhattacharya wrote the song of Airtel.


‘Dimag ki batti Jala de’ a very popular tagline helped mentos advertisement reach a new height. The slogan striked every customer’s mind. This tv advertisement is also made in such a humorous way which attracted the masses a lot.


What strikes your mind when you see the two white zoo zoos. Yes, it is the Vodafone tv advertisement where you see two supercute zoo’s. It is still very trendy among the masses. Later on, Vodafone replaced the cute pug dog, and it also became too popular. This dogs influenced people’s mind so much that still many people recognize it if you mention it as the Vodafone dog.

Camlin Marker Ad

Camlin marker ad is a popular tv advertisement made in India. It shows Indian emotion which happens only in India. The ad shows a man in a dying bed. As soon as the man dies, other women of the family wipe off the vermillion dot o the female’s head. But the dot doesn’t come off, the man then suddenly starts breathing. This show the indelibility of Camlin marker.


Colgate has influenced people’s mind so much through tv advertisement that people do not think other brands would be suitable for their teeth instead of Colgate. It is also one of the most popular tv advertisement.

National Anthem ad

Aired in 2007 National Anthem is one of the most popular tv advertisement. The main motive of the commercial is to make the youths realize the importance of respecting their country. The disabled man standing to the tune of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ on the radio gives us goosebumps. This advertisement also received a national award.


Cola-cola has always remained as the favorite and popular tv advertisement due to its innovative and unique ideas used in it. Depending upon the campaigns they have used various themes which influenced the audience and made a mark in the Indian tv advertisement platform.

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