Production Houses & R.K Studio – The History

Production Houses & R.K Studio – The History

Production Houses

Do you know what a production house does? Have you ever visited any of the production houses in Guwahati? The production houses are the main entrance of a successful movie or a serial. They are the combination of a group of technical staffs who looks forward the professional works or other task involved with the production. Likewise in a theatrical performance, the production team includes not only the running crew but also the theatrical producer, designers, and theatre direction. A producer or director usually run a production house or company. The company is responsible for the filming or development of a specific production or media broadcast.

The process of production begins with script writing, then pre-production where actors are signed, the crew is hired, shooting locations are found, sets are built accordingly and after completing all process, filming is done. Then comes post-production where editing and promotion of the film or movie are done. Thus the production house needs to handle a large number of people.

It feels delighted when someone gets the chance to visit a studio or a production house. As said earlier it is the prior place of a production house that clasps every secret of each production. Guwahati is also coming up with production houses like Eastern green pictures which are growing up as a notable company in the world of cinematography. It is also setting up itself as a service provider in the field of Line production, camera rentals and shooting floor rental for any audio-visual content.

Along with it, EGP is also trying to set up as a successful advertising agency in Guwahati.EGP is coming up with some unique mindset to uplift the Assamese film industry, this production house in Guwahati have some successful productions like Anurag, Abhiman, Seneh, and Tez. Under the banner of EGP production house in Guwahati, a new feature film with name ULKA is coming up this year. The young and creative team of EGP is working hard to make it a grand successful one.

Production House in Guwahati

Production houses hold lots of memories and films that constitute a good trace in the audience mind. It felt sad to know about the R.K Studio of Mumbai which has been sold to the  Godrej properties due to some financial imbalance of the Kapoor family. Founded in 1948 R.K. studio is one of the oldest production houses of India. ‘Aag’ was the first movie produced under the banner of R.K. Studio.  Many  other acclaimed and  marvelous films like Barsaat(1949), Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai(1960), Mera  Naam  Joker(1970), Bobby (1973), Satyam Shivam  Sundaram(1978) and Raj Kapoor’s last film Ram  Teri Ganga Maili(1985) fascinated  the Bollywood industry towards a new  avenue.

After the death of Raj Kapoor in 1988, Randhir Kapoor took over the studio. His younger brother Rajiv Kapoor directed Prem Granth(1996), and Rishi Kapoor directed Aa Ab Laut Chalen (1999). After these, the Kapoors have produced no more films under the banner of R.K. Films.

The studio used to preserve all the costumes used in the films but suddenly on 16th  September 2017, there caught fire in R.K. Studio, and everything collapsed. The Kapoor family then decided to sell the iconic R.K. Films and studios built by the legendary actor Raj Kapoor to Godrej properties due to heavy losses. On 3rd May 2019, it was officially announced and told that Godrej properties are starting a new project in Chemchur Mumbai where they will begin to build a residential complex in place of the legendary Raj Kapoor’s studio.

It is a tearful message to the Bollywood industry as the studio gave birth to the famous films of that time and its just a history now. The production houses in Guwahati are at the high end to reach the level of RK.Studio. Still, production houses like EGP are working hard to make legendary and marvelous films for enriching the Assamese film industry.

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