Shooting Floor

Film Production does not always involve the shooting of a film in original settings. Many a times, movies are shot inside a studio to cut down the prices or reduce the time and effort required in the process. EGP is a Production House in North East that rents out Shooting Floor to ones who needs one in the process of Film Production. Many popular regional series, movies and documentaries have used this facility.


Centered around the life of a middle class lad in love with an upper class damsel and then marrying her off. But, unable to adjust in the family without all the high class facilities, she ends up deciding to get divorced. Love can do wonders!! She realizes that life is not merely about money and riches, it is more about emotions and attachment. It is true that her in-laws maintain a mediocre life. But they are rich when it comes to love. Produced by the duo, Bhaskar Upadhyaya and Meghraj Upadhyay the serial is directed by Pranab Vivek.


ABHIMAAN is a highly accepted Assamese daily soap showcased in one of Assam’s premier channels, Rang. It is a family drama, based on the story of a simple easy-going middle class girl named, Aastha. Trying to portray a mundane Assamese lifestyle, this serial showcases the strength of a women, who is sandwiched between the two different lives; one she is rooted to and the other she is trying to adapt to. It has been directed by Pranab Vivek and produced by Bhaskar Upadhaya.