TV Advertisement And Its Importance

TV Advertisement And Its Importance

Television Advertisements

TV advertisement is still the most popular way to reach the masses. Although there has been a huge rise of digital media marketing, TV advertisement is still valued by companies to convey their product or service message to the masses. TV penetration in western countries is above 90% while in India it is around 70%. This implies that TV advertisement for a brand reaches more people than their target audience. Video ads are always important for maintaining brand recall. Apart from these Companies (especially FMCG companies) spend a huge marketing budget on TV advertisement as it offers,  Product Awareness, Education, Branding, Differentiation, and Targeting. A lot goes in the process of making a TV advertisement.  Pre-production process involves a tedious process for the company and the advertising agency. The marketing team brainstorms upon how to portray the message of the brand to the masses. They need to select their target audience and how to connect with them with a 30 second TV advertisement.  The advertising agency recommends the cast and the short script for the TV advertisement to the company.

In addition, the number of TV channels has crossed over 500, the advertiser needs to address where the TV advertisement will be played and answer questions like:-

Whether to target the national audience with a national channel?

If it is national channel whether it will be an Entertainment channel, News channel, or a Sports channel.

Whether to target regional crowds by advertising on a regional channel with the local language.

The advertising budget and contract also take place accordingly on parameters such as screen time, number of times it played, the time period it plays (normal or prime time). Subsequently, the advertiser/company and the advertising team will reach on a conclusion of an idea after creative brainstorming and market research on parameters such as audience sentiment research, brand recall capability, etc. The production stage is handled mostly by the advertising agency and does not involve the client. It involves the whole video shooting and editing process. Once the shoot is over the final video for the TV advertisement goes through client reviews. Client reviews involve checking the running time, budget alignment, approvals, storyboard check, test audience process, etc. Companies spend a huge chunk of the marketing budget on a commercial and cannot afford to go wrong with it. Some strategies that can be adopted into make a compelling TV advertisement are:

Product Placement

In the case of connecting with the audience two strategies can be adopted; one the TV advertisement revolves around the product and second it revolves around the emotion or message around the product. In the first scenario the company can choose to glorify the product on one or two qualities which differentiate the product form the rest in the market and bank of the possibility of consumers buying that product for those qualities. E.g. – TV advertisement for Car Tires. In the second scenario, the feeling or emotion related to the use of product, the consumer will buy the product expecting the same expectation of the product. For e.g. – TV advertisement for Soft Drinks.

Celebrity Endorsement

Selecting a right celebrity or an industry influencer for a TV advertisement is equally important. It ads credibility and establishes a brand recall aspect for the ad. Companies should keep in mind that a people relate to celebrities and will be willing to use the same products as they do. It is equally important that the celebrity is relatable to the product and delivers a clear message the company wants to deliver through the TV advertisement for their brand.

Jingles or Tagline

This has been an age old marketing success for many companies. The TV advertisement should be unconventional and memorable.  A jingle that is easy to remember and rhymes well creates an imprint in a consumer’s mind thus creating an association with the product or the brand. A tagline similarly should be short and impactful and should be able to connect with the audience.

Importance of Brand Photoshoot

Although TV advertisement remains the most popular way of Marketing, marketing in digital media is equally gaining importance. Digital media marketing is expected to be 20% of the revenue of all marketing activities in India, TV advertisement accounts for around 50% of overall marketing spend. The advantages for companies that have created TV advertisement are that they can use the same ads in Social Media to engage users. This is a practice followed by the majority of the companies where they integrate the ad into their social media platforms. However, when it comes to Social Media Marketing, advertisers do not restrict themselves to video ads. They equally rely on images. Images are an important aspect of placing a banner ad on the internet. Google ads have significant importance in the digital ad world. The effectiveness is an ad in digital media has higher effectiveness than TV advertisement. The major reason being the availability of data. Social media ads are targeted to a specific target audience using data mining. So it has become a requisite for brands to come up with social media campaigns to engage their users as well as to target new customers and increase sales. Subsequently it leads to substantial revamping of the advertising agencies. Agencies are expected to come up with unique, eye catching, and engaging ideas for different digital marketing campaigns.

Brand photoshoot

In earlier times Brand photoshoot was limited to print media such as newspaper and magazines. Now ads popping up every platform in the internet, Brand photoshoot for a digital media has taken a huge a huge step ahead. Brand photoshoots used for corporate photography involves images that appear in their website, brochures, and social media. This kind of Brand photoshoot involves images of their office, clients, the leaders, team photos, and the projects/services or products under their brand. These are later used for their social media management.

A brand is an identity in itself and it does not only restrict to a logo. A brand represents experience. Most modern companies have visual aspects related to it’s which can be seen in the color palette of their logo or website. The Brand Photoshoot takes place with equal emphasis on maintaining the visual consistency of the brand. Brand Photoshoot aims to maintain each brand touch point, so that the audience in a way that they associate the brand with that colors or the style or tone. The images from the Brand photoshoot should be part of the visual strategy of the brand. Thus a company invests on styling the brand and taking time in producing a Brand photoshoot. The photoshoot should communicate the primary message of their brand, attracting the right audience, and enticing the audience to work with you or for your brand.

The Brand photoshoot process starts with having a clear vision on desired outcome it aims to generate. Like every other project, a lot of brainstorming and time should be invested on why and how the Brand photoshoot will benefit the brand.  It helps the company in the framework required to execute and implement the Brand photoshoot. The primary aspect is to understand where the photos will be used. Companies with high marketing budget may use a Brand photoshoot in placing ads in digital media as well as places like billboards and magazines. However, if Brand photoshoot is restricted to digital media, there is much more technicality involves like size of the image, dimension, optimization, etc.

The next phase directly involves the ideation board. The brand will come up with a strategy on how the photoshoot will take place. It mostly depends on the type of industry the brand exists. A Brand photoshoot for a Watch will be entirely different than a Brand photoshoot done for a Car Company. The type of product also implies the type of photoshoot the brand does. If it is food company than the shoot transfers into a product photography, if the shoot is for an apparel company , it transfers in a Fashion Photoshoot, if it involves a brand roping in a famous celebrity as its brand ambassador it transfers into a Celebrity photoshoot.

Celebrity photoshoot

A Celebrity photoshoot is different ballgame in the advertising industry. The most prominent type of Celebrity photoshoot used to take place for popular magazine. Even today it is the highest form of Celebrity photoshoot. However, Celebrity photoshoot for digital media is on a rise for online magazines or for personal social media management. As stated earlier Brands look for Celebrities as their brand ambassadors. This also means that most of their advertisement be it TV advertisement or digital media ads are done by the celebrity. Celebrity photoshoot have a high spend. Not because the celebrities charges a fortune, but it requires high quality equipment and high quality service and implementation. A company should also keep in mind the the product or service they are providing and how it is incorporated in the Celebrity photoshoot. Because the Brand photoshoot is aimed at enhancing the brand value of the Company, the Celebrity photoshoot should not power the celebrity more than the product. Most Celebrity photoshoots are done in a way where the celebrity is seen using/consuming/wearing their product. Celebrity photoshoot also requires a prime location or a studio for which the costs goes up. Celebrity photoshoot are also known as the top bracket of influencer marketing. Celebrities are influencers and have a large fan or follower base. Thus it provides a larger reach for the brand as well as the probability the followers will tend to use the product the celebrity uses or recommends. Celebrity photoshoot are also tricky because some celebrities tend to bring their own team of photographers or a media agency they have tie-ups with. The industries that heavily rely on Celebrity photoshoots are the Fashion and the Apparel Industry. Many avid followers or fans of a celebrity tend to style them as the same way the celebrity does. So a Celebrity photoshoot for an apparel brand allows them to market themselves to a larger target audience who associates the celebrity with the brand and buys it.

The next in the process is to assign the Brand photoshoot or a Celebrity photoshoot to an advertising agency or a team of professional photographers. After the shoot takes place it goes through stages of corrections and editing. In case of Celebrity photoshoot rarely reshoots take place but in general, for product photography reshoots are common until the company get a perfect picture. Companies rely a lot on Brand photoshoot to bring out the essence of their brand for the people. Although the investment is lower than a TV advertisement is very important as a Brand photoshoot or a Celebrity photoshoot is just one aspect of the whole marketing campaign. There a lot of ways to ensure the Brand photoshoot goes according to the Plan. Efficiency in the producing the photos will ensure in the effectiveness of the campaign. However the most prominent to ensure it is creating a detailed shot that includes all the aesthetics of the final photo such as brand color, Style, celebrity, location, and personality.

A detailed shot list will ensure that while executing the shoot, the brand has the idea and plan for each shot they want and they have every good photo they need along with options. This requires an inspiration board where you list down each idea through brainstorming as well as similar ideas that are easier to implement and can be incorporated in the same shoot. This really is important for Celebrity photoshoot because celebrities are generally unavailable for reshoots. This also helps in listing down the props required for the shoot. Top-down shot of desk – scattered color chips, notebook, in progress canvases, inspiration images, etc. For Celebrity photoshoot the details have to be more specific such as their wardrobe, the make required based on the location, nail paint etc.

However, when it comes to branding not every company can afford celebrities and large advertising firms. Most companies’ precisely new businesses and startups take it in their own hand to create a good brand. DIY Brand photoshoot. Such companies do their Brand photoshoot themselves. And they replace Celebrity photoshoot with social media influencer marketing. They focus more on social media marketing as mainstream media requires a huge budget. And doing Brand photoshoot on their own does not cost much. All anyone needs is a freelance photographer good camera preferable a DSLR and basic editing skills (Photoshop or Lightroom). Most of such Brand photoshoots involve product photography.

The basic step to follow while carrying out a Brand photoshoot.


The rookie mistake made by new companies is not planning their branding strategy. Firstly one should be firm on what the brand represents. And before conducting any Brand photoshoot, the firm should have a definite color palette, logo, brand style and personality. One should practice a mood board describing the aesthetics of their brands and their brand colors.

Selecting a Photographer

A photographer should be experienced and should have knowledge and tools required for product photography. (DSLR and Lights). The chosen photographer should also be well equipped with Lightroom and Photoshoot. And lastly should be in schedule and delivers the final product in a small timeframe.

Finding a Location and Time

Finding a Location and shooting at the right time are two essential aspects which ensure a good photograph. Thus a location that can complement the product or service should be chosen. The location should not be devoid of natural light.

For a basic product photoshoot, it is equally important to choose the right backdrop. The color of the backdrop and the element required in the backdrop are the most essential factors.

Finding the Right Influencer

Influencer Marketing is on the rise. Finding an influencer from the industry your brand is a great positive point. The impact of choosing the right influencer directly impacts the engagement of your product. However, if your product is aimed for masses, a social media influencer with a larger reach is a better strategy irrespective of the industry. Influencer marketing is also beneficial as some times if a company have the right contacts can rope an in an influencer for free. Even if it is a paid influencer marketing the spend is not very high compared to other media streams. And it takes away the headache of the photoshoot as the influencer does it with their own team.

Accessorize and Checklist

It is important to gather all the accessories required for the photoshoot. The checklist consists of all the ideas for the certain photoshoot and the required workflow to execute.

Marketing depends on a lot of factor which is based on a lot of factors. Thus whether a company opts for a TV advertisement, Brand photoshoot, or a Celebrity photoshoot, or DIY- Photoshoot depends upon which industry they are part of, their marketing budget, size of the company, and their target audience. Thus with changing times the advertising industry does have a new category (Digital marketing) but has not disrupted the TV advertising industry.

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